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Stivaletti Stringati In Camoscio Color Talpa e Suola In Gomma Tono Su Tono


Stivaletti stringati in numeri grandi da donna in camoscio color talpa chiaro con lacci effetto lurex.
Questi anfibi in numeri grandi hanno la suola in gomma color cammello chiaro.
Gli stivaletti hanno il puntale nella parte anteriore, sono provvisti lateralmente di una zip laterale in color corda con cursore color brunito.
I lacci piatti in tessuto color beige con fili lurex  passano attraverso gli occhielli in color brunito.
La suola in gomma è alta 2 cm ed assicura elevate performance di resistenza all’attrito garantendo allo stesso tempo il massimo della flessibilità.
L’ispirazione di questi stivaletti in misure grandi nasce dalla volontà di creare un modello tono su tono dal design moderno, per uso quotidiano, pratico e versatile.
Ispirati al design moderno, questi stivaletti uniscono praticità e versatilità per un uso quotidiano in stile. Scegli il comfort e lo stile di questi anfibi in taglie grandi perfetti per chi cerca numeri grandi da donna senza rinunciare allo stile femminile e glamour.

APERTURA: zip laterale.
PIANTA: regolare e comoda.


If you wish to view the LURAH collections and try the products, simply make an appointment by writing an email to​ ​​ ​​or by calling +39 3516587207.
​We will be happy to receive you at our showroom in Bisceglie in Via Pendio Misericordia, 10, BT, 76011, in our wonderful region, Puglia.
​The showroom is designed to offer you the opportunity to get to know us and try the Products.
However, purchases will be processed through the website (We do not have POS, so we cannot accept payments by cards in our showroom).

How to measure your shoe size
Foot length is defined as the maximum horizontal distance from the center of the back of the heel to the top of the most protruding toe, measured while the subject is in an upright position with the weight evenly distributed between the two feet.
To take your foot size, get someone to help you and follow this process:

  • take an A4 sheet;
  • put your foot on it;
  • ask someone to draw the outline of your foot with a pencil, trying to keep the pencil as close to the foot as possible, but without tilting it too much;
  • once you have taken the shape of your foot, mark the point of the center of the heel and the point where your longest toe arrives.
  • draw horizontal lines that intersect these points and measure their distance;
  • refer to the list below for Italian / European sizes:
    EU Size 41 = approximately 26,0 cm
    EU Size 42 = approximately 26,7 cm
    EU Size 43 = approximately 27,3 cm
    EU Size 44 = approximately 28,0 cm
    EU Size 45 =approximately 28,7 cm

How to measure your calf
Get a tape measure.
Sit up with your legs at 90 degrees and put your feet completely on the ground.
Wrap the tape measure around the calf and measure it at the fullest part.
To be sure, try taking the measurement many times in many points of the calf until you find the largest one.
The largest measure will be the final one.
Avoid squeezing the tape measure around the calf.

How we measure the leg circumference
We measure the circumference at the height of the calf.
If the height of the boot exceeds the height of the calf, we measure the circumference in the terminal part.
In these cases, the circumference of the calf will be proportional to that of the terminal part.

How we measure the height of the leg
We measure the height starting from the heel up to the upper end.

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