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  • Army green patent leather ankle boot with side zip

  • White leather ankle boot with side zip

  • Grey/Kaki Leather Boots With Python Print Band


LURAH is the premium brand of women’s shoes in: EU size 41 – 42 – 43 – 44 – 45 / UK size: 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – 11. If you choose to buy from LURAH, you will receive beautiful, elegant, comfortable, refined and chic women’s shoes.

The LURAH brand collections reflect the major fashion trends and are created by a team of designers who develop styles capable of maintaining harmony in proportions compared to a longer foot length.

LURAH’s mission is to celebrate the beauty of female feet longer than the standard size through the proposal of unique styles, 100% Made in Italy.

The LURAH collections mark the beginning of the new era of women’s shoes in large sizes.
LURAH enhances big size shoes through a path of research of beauty, building an imaginary made of details, exploration and passion.

The choice of the shoes and the way they fit are key for making the outfit outstanding and for ensuring the right comfort to your feet: these two aspects are of strategic importance for LURAH which aims to make women’s shoes in large sizes a celebration of contemporaneity, trend and ease.

LURAH shoes collections only in large sizes can be purchased online.

Welcome to LURAH, enjoy your shopping of premium women’s shoes in large sizes.


star star star star star
I love dressing genderless and with LURAH I finally found shoes different from the drag queen style which were the only ones I was able to buy and I felt desperate for that. LURAH shoes are chic and classy and fit so well on my feet in size 45.
- Ana, Banker
star star star star star
I totally love the fit, height, look and feel of my LURAH sandals in army green color. Lovely brand.
- Diana, Model
star star star star star
I have become a loyal LURAH customer in a very short time. My last purchase was the lilac and laminated silver leather mule extremely comfortable. It looks great and I have got lots of compliments.
- Cecilia, Showroom Assistant

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