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What’s Lurah

LURAH is the premium brand of women’s footwear from EU size 41 to EU size 45 strictly Made in Italy (UK Size: 7,8,9,10,11).

LURAH was created to offer all women the possibility to find hyper-feminine models capable of keeping harmony in proportions compared to a longer foot length.

The dedicated design of the models, the research and use of high-quality materials and the comfort of the shoes, guaranteed by a stylistic process that considers the anatomical needs of the foot, make LURAH the only brand purely specialized in women’s footwear only in large sizes.

The LURAH collections interpret fashion trends to the maximum and translate them into fully contemporary models.

Understanding fashion trends is fundamental for the LURAH world, so much so that, in parallel with the footwear collections, it is possible to find an editorial space in which major trends are described.

sorelle natascia e vanessa fondatrici di LURAH

What makes LURAH footwear different?

Well, it’s time for introductions.

My name is Natascia, I am 37 years old, I am from Puglia, Italy and with LURAH I am making my dream come true.

I have always been passionate about fashion and the semantics of fashion trends, which is why I decided to found the LURAH brand, primarily to satisfy a personal need: wearing beautiful women’s shoes in size 44.

In my teenage years I reached, without much effort, 183 cm in height and with it the milestone of a shoe size that was definitely not easy to find.

I have spent many years alternating between difficulties in identifying shoe retailers specialized in large women’s shoe sizes (in the 90s e-commerce was not so widespread) and discouragement due to having to settle for models that were not designed with the needs of those with longer feet in mind.

The existing offer, in fact, proposed (and continues to propose) shoes in very small and very large sizes, equating the need of a woman with small feet to that of a woman with bigger feet.

Do you also find it absurd to think that the same model created for a foot in size 35 can be offered in bigger sizes?

It is quite evident that the aesthetic result, the shape and the perception of any model varies as the size scale varies.

However, no retailer has ever considered this aspect.

I had to live in this reality for years, a reality that became a problem in the long run. And it got worse the more I thought about the comfort and quality of the shoes.

And that’s how my sister Vanessa, who is also passionate about fashion, tired of my discontent in terms of footwear, encouraged me to found a brand that offers ultra-feminine, trendy shoes created thinking exclusively about feet longer than standard.

Therefore, LURAH shoes reflect the experience of those who have always worn shoes in bigger sizes and who are aware that only through certain stylistic devices it is possible to give a long foot the same grace as those who fit a standard size.

LURAH women’s collections from size 41 to 45, aim to fully satisfy the lovers of fashion, creativity and beauty in general, who will finally be able to stop settling for a basic offer.

6 excellent reasons that make LURAH the only premium footwear brand in large

● Specialized only in bigger sizes from 41 to 45.

Unlike its competitors, LURAH will NEVER offer models in small and bigger sizes.


Because the aesthetic and perception needs of women who are rather tall and with longer feet) are totally different than who fit a standard size (36/40).

● Created for those who love fashion, trends and contemporaneity.

● Made ad hoc by two women for women.

● Materials and handmade production strictly Made in Italy.

● Hyper femininity.

● Proprietary design.

What does “proprietary design” mean?

Season after season, the models marketed by other retailers in Italy are identical in shape and differ only in material, color and logo applied on the shoe.

LURAH, on the other hand, offers its own models with a unique design.

Who should NOT buy the LURAH collections?

The LURAH collections are not suitable for those who do not prioritise creativity, trends and the quality of materials.

They are not for women who are happy with a generic offer of shoes proposed in small and big sizes because it means that they don’t really want to enhance their feet.

When it comes to materials, there are many different types, but certainly the most used in the footwear industry is leather.

If you believe that all leather shoes are the same, LURAH footwear is not your best choice.

There are many types of leather. LURAH uses only natural and quality leathers that ensure softness, elasticity and absorbency.

Will you also produce footwear in sizes bigger than 45?

Yes, but in the future.

However, it is possible to tell us you are interested! Leave your email address specifying the request so you can be properly informed when this will possible.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes, we have one in Puglia (South of Italy).

showroom lurah